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Providence students come from all walks of life. 

Second Harvest's Providence Culinary Training (PCT)

A collaboration of:

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Changing lives,  

one recipe at a time.

Some who enroll in our culinary training program want to learn new skills and make new connections after a job loss. Some want to enhance their skills and pursue better-paying opportunities in the culinary field. Some want to fine-tune their knowledge to start a business. Some are simply seeking a fresh start.

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Everyone who enrolls is supported as an individual - as they move through the Providence Culinary Training program and as they establish themselves after graduation.

Are you looking to jumpstart your future in the fast-paced, rapidly growing food industry? At Second Harvest Food Bank's Providence Culinary Training Program, you’ll learn not only the craft and art of cooking, but also business and management skills, science and nutrition, and essential life skills. There’s no reason to wait to turn your passion for food into an exciting career.

Technical training includes:


  • Certification in ServSafe® sanitation

  • Basic cooking methods

  • Knife skills

  • Baking and pastry

  • Soups, stocks & sauces

  • Quantity food production

  • Restaurant catering and cookery

  • Kitchen Safety

Our intensive classes meet five days a week, six hours a day, for 13 weeks, wrapping up with a one-week internship at a local restaurant or foodservice organization.

Scholarships and post-graduation job placement help are available.

Graduates receive a certificate of completion endorsed by Forsyth Technical Community CollegeGoodwill Industries of Northwest NCProvidence, and the American Culinary Federation